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Welcome to Poleconomy.


The Boardgame of Politics and Economics.
About the Game:
Poleconomy is a successfully marketed boardgame where the dynamic world of politics and business are combined in a novel and exciting game.
Players take on the role of both politician and tycoon, with  the sole objective of building a business empire and acheiving the pinnacle power as President or Prime Minister.
How players achieve this depends on their own drive and initiative.
Players are both entrepreneure and politician; their strategy is derived from through a combination of business acumen and political negotiations. Players form governments and opposition parties. They aquire companies bonds and insurance, and invest in advertising and public relations.
Players need to form alliances and sometimes break them. They need to mount corporate takeover bids and compete in elections to perpetuate or overturn a government.
This is all to aquire as much wealth and power as possible within the recommended two hours.
Poleconomy demonstrates the causual effects of political decisions on the economy. The President or Prime Minister's decisions determine the framework in which the economy grows. Should he or she deplete the Treasury  beyond a specific government bond limitation, the games currency becomes worthless and the game is over with no winners.
The value of wealth is clearly demonstrated objectively; if so to be distributed, it must first be created.
An unusual aspect of Poleconomy is that it contains sponsering companies that are intrinsic to the mechanics of the game.
Over 1.5 million games of Poleconomy have been sold , supported by the participation of 350 major corporate sponsers who have leased advertising space in seperate national versions in Australia (2 editions), New Zealand, South Africa, Canada and the United Kingdom (2 editions).

Examples of Corporate Sponsers Include:

Allied Van Lines
Dow Chemical
Mercury Communications
Barclay Card
Barclays Bank
British Airways
General Mills
Price Waterhouse Coopers
British Gas
General Motors
Prudential Assurance
British Steel
The Financial Times
Business Week
The Rank Organization
Commercial Union
The Times
Diners Club
Legal & General
Trusthouse Forte
Singapore Airlines
Cadbury Schweppes

British Telecom







Union Carbide