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Poleconomy has been released as 7 different Editions.
1.New Zealand          
3.Australia (Second Edition)
4.South Africa                
6.United Kingdom 
7.United kingdom (Second Edition)      
The rules are availiable for download in Adobe Acrobat
PDF. if you do not have the Adobe Reader you can download it  free below.
The rules for New Zealand, Australia and South Africa Editions are the same and if you wish to download these rules you should choose to download the Australian Rules below.
The rules for the United Kingdom edition are as follows.
Spears Games Edition. The Game of the United Kingdom; you should choose to download the United Kingdom Rules below.
Woodrush Games. The Power Game; you should choose to download the Canadian Rules below.
You should ignore all references to  Royal Bank Savings Bonds as these only apply in the Canadian Edition.
The rules for Canada; you should choose to download the Canadian Rules below.  

click here to download Australian Rules.

click here to download UK Rules

click here to download Canadian Rules.